Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Cautions Ulama In Kano

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has noticed the contradictory statements emanating from some quarters of the Ulama in Kano concerning the current traditional leadership crisis in the state.
At this trying period for the Ummah, the Council calls on Islamic scholars, who are custodians of Islamic learning, values and guidance, to exercise caution and refrain from making statements that can further exacerbate tension and polarise the Ummah. Ulama within and outside the state should prayerfully allow the current traditional leadership conflict in Kano, to be handled and resolved by the political, judicial and customary authorities.
Meanwhile, the Council calls on Kano’s political, traditional and judicial authorities to resolve the current issue with the fear of Allah, fairness and justice.
The Council calls on the people of Kano to sincerely call on Allah, remain calm and avoid taking laws into their hands.
May Allah grant us sustainable peace in our dear Country, Nigeria.
Prof. Salisu Shehu
For: Secretary-General

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