2024 Hajj: Special on Nigerian Pilgrims’ Accommodation in Madinah

Securing decent accommodations close to the grand Mosques of Madinah and Makkah is unarguably one of the major aspirations of pilgrims during the annual Hajj exercise.

In this report, correspondent Jamilu Ibrahim examines the extent to which such aspiration is fulfilled in respect of the Nigerian pilgrims for the 2024 Hajj, who are currently in Madinah.

Guests of the merciful as they are honourably called, the pilgrims leave their comfort zones as they largely travel from far to stay in Saudi Arabia for a couple of weeks to perform the annual pilgrimage.

The need for a home away from home is therefore very desirable for the contingent.

The National Hajj Commission of Najeriya is traditionally responsible for the provision of Accommodation to the Nigerian Pilgrims each year in Madina.

This year is not an exception, as the NAHCON has engaged some six lodging services providers to accommodate the pilgrims in the holy city.

Proper arrangements have been made to lodge every set of the contingent as they continue to arrive in Madinah.

Some Nigerian Pilgrims described the accommodation as not only decent but also those very close to the grand Mosque of the prophet.

The pilgrims observe that the closeness of their accommodation to the holy Mosque has not only eased their transportation difficulty but also reduced the incidents of them getting missing on the road.

This is the reception of one of the Hotels where some of the Nigerian Pilgrims are lodged.

It is always very busy, especially in the evening as the pilgrims come to tap from a free internet service provided there.

As the pilgrims continue to move to the city of Makka in batches, it is their expectation that they will have a similar or even better experience as they proceed to the next stage of the spiritual journey.

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