Us Musician And Producer Steve Albini Passes Away At The Age Of 61

Steve Albini, the vocalist, guitarist and producer who was at the helm of a series of the most esteemed albums across the US alternative music scene, has passed away aged 61 from a heart attack suffered at his recording studio.

He was noted for his DIY and punk ethos, resisting streaming services and refusing to take royalties from the recordings he produced for other artistes.

Kurt Cobain recruited Albini to record the 1993 follow-up to their hugely successful ‘Nevermind’ after being impressed by his work with Big Black, The Pixies and The Breeders.

He started his own musical project, Big Black, initially a solo endeavour that soon became a trio.

He ran his own studio, Electrical Audio, in Chicago, and had been preparing for the release of Shellac’s To All Trains, their first album since 2014, on 17 May.

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