Nigeria to Explore Biofuel as Alternative Source of Energy







(VON) Nigerians have been called upon to support the government in ensuring that Bio fuel as an alternative source of energy strives in the country.

The call was made by the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) Mr. Victor Shidok at a sensitisation workshop on Biofuel Development in Abuja Nigeria’s Capital.

Mr. Shidok said the dissatisfaction of stakeholders with the existing Gazette on Biofuel policy which was import-dependent and import driven necessitated a policy review to which the agency decided to organise a sensitisation workshop to bring to the notice of all Nigerians bold policy initiatives of Government being designed for a more productive
energy mix.

He added that the workshop was to make Nigerians understand that there are alternatives to Fosil fuel and other potentials that Nigeria can tap to make sure we diversify the economy. He said one of the areas being explored is the area of ethanol which has to do with Biofuel Bio diesels which are agricultural based products.

He said if the policy is fully exploited in the next two years, Nigerians should begin the exploration of Biofuel.

Mr. Shidok said “government is making deliberate effort to renew the development of other sources of energy as alternatives to Petroleum Products and as such, the country should not be left behind in ensuring the development and commercialisation of Biofuels as an Alternative Energy source especially now with the reality of a gradual depletion of our hydrocarbon base’’.

 ‘Emphasis of Government on domestic production and self sufficiency should be the primary focus of all stakeholders, in our quest at developing a pragmatic Biofuel policy for the Nation’,’he added.

Also speaking at the workshop was the Minister of state for Petroleum
Dr. Ibe Kachikwu according to him, “I am particularly impressed by the commitments of the organizers of this laudable initiative and the contributions from all stakeholders in developing and adopting the draft Biofuel policy and Initiatives. As the world continues in search of better and cheaper energy through renewable energy resources, one cannot but admit that the advantages of Biofuels utilization are legion. Therefore, this workshop is expected to further enlighten Nigerians on the Economic, Environmental and Agricultural and Social
benefits to the country

Biofuel is a fuel that is produced through contemporary biological processes which comprises of Bio-ethanol and Bio-diesel which are blends of petroleum and Agricultural products. The theme of the sensitisation workshop is Biofuels: Nigerian New Economy.



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