Accountant General of the Federation Meets Tertiary Institutions on IPPIS

Trends in personnel cost dominated interaction between the office of the accountant general of the federation and the body of vice chancellors and bursars of federal tertiary institutions as government continues the process of capturing ministries, departments and agencies outside the integrated payroll personnel information system, IPPIS.

agf-ahmed idris on IPPIS
Ahmed Idris, Accountant General of the Federation

Reforms in the nation’s public finance system peaked with the electronic system of transaction and one of such elements is the IPPIS regime which domiciles the payments of salaries with the office of the accountant general of the federation. this is with a view to addressing infractions such as ghost workers syndrome and multiple salary collection.
It is estimated that only 30 percent of federal government workers are captured on the IPPIS platform, and in a bid to get federal tertiary institutions on board, the office of the accountant general had an interface with them.
The tertiary institutions expressed concerns over their peculiarities, shortfall in budgetary provisions and their responsibilities to the nation.

Both parties then agreed to raise a team that will dialogue and fine tune pending issues to conform to governments drive to reduce cost, enhance service delivery and engender transparency in the public finance system.

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