IGP’s Wife, Others Awarded For Pushing Boundaries


Women across different institutions have been honored for their roles in uplifting and nurturing the Nigerian girl child and woman to a state of leadership and entrepreneurship.

NTA Correspondent reported that one of the recipients was the wife of the Inspector General of Police, Mrs. Agharase Arase.

Inimfon Etuk is the founder and host of the She Forum Africa, a capacity building initiative for women. Under this umbrella, women from all over Africa are encouraged to showcase her strength with the hope of helping her push beyond her boundaries.

For three years she has run with the vision of promoting and pushing an agenda for women.

In recognition of her tenacity in mentoring the girl child and women in Nigeria towards self-discovery and worth, Inimfon Etuk and these other women doing so in different capacities are being honoured at this year’s rare gem connect, a radio Nigeria kapital FM Abuja Programme.

With the incessant reports of violence and abuse against women, organizers of the event say this year’s event is anchored on the international development agency which pledges for parity in 2030.

For Inimfon Etuk and other recipients, the bidding to do more continue until gender discrimination is reduced to the barest minimum.

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