Security Risk At Abuja Berger Bus Stop

By Edino Justice

As security Operatives make efforts to eradicate insurgents activities at public places especially motor parks, other criminal activities such as touting, pick –      pocketing and outright violent robbery are said to be on the increase at some bus stops    in Abuja. Correspondent Edino Justice reports that both the commuters and the residents of   Wuse Zone six are calling for the maintenance of the overgrowing forest flanking Berger Bus stop as its provides hide out for criminal elements.


Berger Bus stop is one of the oldest and busiest within Abuja metropolis. What accounted for its popularity is its central location which provides a convenient converging point to both the commuters and travelers. But the story now is how safe is this bus stop especially at night and early morning with the long bus separating the the bus stop from occupied areas. Jumai Osas said she was once attacked when she returned from a night journey at that point. Jumai Osas was not the only victim at this bus stop as it seems one out of every ten persons have had the bitter experience of armed robbery attack. This is evident as the large expanse of land doubles as garden connecting the bus stop to  residential houses and offices, commuters alleged might be dangerous at late hours. But the  Utako Divisional Police  Officer, DPO, Usman Umar who spoke off camera said following the frequent complaints, the police has placed a twenty-four surveillance patrol team around it. He however agreed that the bush should be controlled in order not to provide a hide out for criminals.

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