World Malaria Day

Invest in the future, defeat malaria, the time is now!

That is the theme and slogan for the 2013 World Malaria Day. Although Nigeria is signatory to the 2000 declaration on roll back malaria, the malaria reduction remains poor. For instance, a recent survey indicates that malaria accounts for 3 out of 10 admissions in health facilities as well as 3 out of 10 deaths in children less than 5 years old.

Community members asked questions and for clarification on issues revolving around malaria control for which the experts provided answers and even staged demonstrations of some malaria control interventions.

A recent survey released by the World Health Organization shows that although Malaria is on the decline globally, it still accounts for about 6 hundred thousand deaths annually in Sub-Saharan Africa. To stem the tide, the Society for Family Health says it is time to ensure that pregnant women, babies and children under five have access to both preventive and curative measures.

The tour afforded the team the opportunity to asses the types of intervention used in those communities to reduce the burden of Malaria. The Society for Family Health adopted these Malaria implementation sites as part of its contribution to ensuring Nigeria meets the MDG target.

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