Diddy Accused Of Sexual Assault Again By Crystal Mckinney In New Lawsuit

Embattled rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs is facing fresh allegations of sexual assault. In a recent lawsuit, former model Crystal McKinney claims that Diddy drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2003.

This comes on the heels of Diddy’s public apology for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, following the release of a disturbing video of the incident. McKinney’s lawsuit details the alleged assault, stating that Diddy provided her with marijuana laced with narcotics before forcing her to perform oral sex on him. She recounts meeting Diddy at a Men’s Fashion Week event in New York City and being invited to his studio, where the alleged assault took place.

According to McKinney, the studio was filled with people consuming alcohol and marijuana. She unknowingly took a hit from a joint laced with a powerful narcotic. In the lawsuit, McKinney claims that after becoming disoriented from the laced joint, Diddy led her to a bathroom where he forcibly kissed her and demanded she perform oral sex.

When she refused, McKinney alleges that Diddy pushed her head down and forced the sexual act. She later lost consciousness and woke up in a taxi, realizing she had been assaulted.

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