NIMC Briefs Partners on Digital Identity Ecosystem

By Victor Azu

The race to provide digital identity for all Nigerians is on, with the national identity management commission, NIMC, engaging prospective partners on the workings of the national digital identity ecosystem project, ahead of the bidding process. An estimated population of 200 million Nigerians, only 37.7 million Nigerians have been captured as at Monday morning.

And with the SDGs goal 16:9 demanding legal identity for all by 2030, including free birth registrations, how does Nigeria avoid being left behind by the rest of the world?

The national identity management commission, NIMC, is driving the digital identity ecosystem project that leverages existing capacity and data to scale up the national identity database and with just one thousand functional data capture centres nationwide, this seems like an uphill task.

This conference is therefore to prepare prospective private sector partners for the task ahead.

Besides planning for national development, this process is expected to put an end to duplication of data collection with its attendant costs in the next three to five years.

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