#NigeriaAt59: Minister of State for @FMPRng, Timipre Sylva Independence Day Message

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and former governor of Bayelsa state, Chief Timipre Sylva sends warm felicitations on this year’s independence celebrations, describing it as an opportunity to evaluate our patriotism as well as a moment of deep national pride.

Our history, as diverse as our great nation, Sylva is certain, constantly reflects the relentless spirit of our people. We fought for a sovereign nation and on that spectacular night in 1960 we took the Union Jack off our poles for the national flag. We survived socio-political anxieties, we survived a war that almost undid our foundations and yet here we are: a united, proud nation with numerous highlights of glowing successes we can all be proud of.

Chief Sylva urges Nigerians, young and old, and of every religion and creed, to keep the flame of patriotism burning as it has been, and still is, the key fulcrum of our greatness.

Beyond our deepening sense of nationhood, Sylva is excited, too, about the huge reservoir of Human Resources, tapped and yet to be tapped, Nigeria is blessed with. That quality and quantity of potentials especially of our country’s young reflects the trajectory of Nigeria: a nation that will increasingly get better, stronger, more united and prosperous.

Sylva thanks President Buhari for his leadership which, apparently, has repositioned Nigeria to clearer, smoother courses. Sylva thanks the good people of our dear country for their unyielding love, prayers and patriotism for the nation.

Happy Independence, Nigeria


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