Cleric Cautions Parents On Forced Marriages

Pastor Olusegun Elijah of Christ Foundation Bible Church in Ilorin has advised parents not to force their children to marry against their wish.

Elijah, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Ilorin, said that forcing a partner on a child might lead to domestic violence, assault and broken home.

He said that African parents were fond of choosing and giving conditions to their children on marriage partner.

“It is not uncommon in most African settings like Nigeria to see parents, especially mothers, trying to interfere and select who their daughters or sons must marry.

“Imposing a marriage partner on your child out of his or her will is dangerous; that is why we have lots of broken marriages, domestic violence and even untrained children.

“These children end up becoming a pain in the neck of the society. They are the ones who grow to be armed robbers and the likes.

“The ones who are fortunate to be schooled may grow into an adult with hurt and trauma of a broken home,” the pastor said.

According to him, parents must learn to advise their children and not force them to marry, adding such forced partners bear the brunt of unhappiness and discomfort.

“Allow them to marry who they want, irrespective of social status, wealth or tribe.

“That will ensure socio-cultural integration and less ethnic crises in the nation because we would be bond by love for one another and not having negative thoughts against anyone,” Elijah said.

The cleric also called on parents to pray and advise their children on how to be faithful partners in marriage. (NAN)

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