Transparency: Political Parties’ Coalition to partner FG

National Spokesperson, Coalition of Integrity Political Parties (CIPP), Dr Yakubu Shendam (2nd, L), addressing an inaugural world news conference on the state of the Nation

The Coalition of Integrity Political Parties (CIPP) has reaffirmed the party’s commitment to work coherently with the Federal Government to advance transparency in governance.

Dr Yakubu Shendam, National Spokesperson of CIIP and Chairman of New Generation Party, said this at the news Conference on the inauguration of party leadership on Friday in Abuja.

He said that the party’s commitment was based on President Muhammadu Buhari’s drive to deepen transparency and accountability in all government institutions in Nigeria.

According to him, it is our heart desire that Nigeria will witness progress and such commitment by all stakeholders in government to save our country from ethical and systematic collapse.

Shendam said, “CIPP is a convergence of 35-political parties in Nigeria; who share same democratic consciousness, interests and commitments with the resolve to work coherently in singleness of political views.

“Also, support the current government administration to deliver the best of democracy and good conscience governance in advancing the leadership of the Nigerian nation.

“The CIPP represents a clear breakaway from the old antagonistic order of reckless political and unethical media attacks on the person and office of the President of Nigeria.

“As well as respected Nigerian leaders; who share in a singleness of commitment, which is to enforce an all-inclusive collaborative interests in the preservation, protection and development of the country.”

He explained the establishment of CIPP to be new dawn that would usher new dimension in the political party affiliations and partnership with governments, to entrench sustainable development in Nigeria.

He observed  that unhealthy utterances and attacks on Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, a Member of the House of Representatives in the media negates democratic principles.

He, however, said that the coalition would throw its weight on the choice of Gbajabiamila as candidate for the position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to achieve target.

On the state of the nation, the Spokesperson extolled President Buhari’s efforts to tackle issues about security, economy and other pocket challenges that posed threats to good governance and peace.

“We commend the efforts of President Buhari in checkmating security challenges, such as curbing bandits and kidnappings across the country, particularly the north-east,” he added.

He, however, urged the president to improve the economy and create employment opportunities for teeming unemployed Nigerians in his second.

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