Oyo State Governor:To Make Infrastructure Priority To Boost Agriculture

The Governor of Oyo State, Engineer, Oluwaseyi Makinde has identified agriculture as a sector that his administration will accord urgent and immediate attention because of its prime place in the state’s economy.

Governor Makinde who promised to make Oyo State an investment destination declared this during his inaugural speech at the swearing-in ceremony held at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Ibadan on Wednesday.

According to him: “We listened to members of the joint farmers Association and Agro-finance, talk about the challenges in the agriculture sector and proffer solutions which we may implement. Our administration will make provision of infrastructure a priority.

We have already started working on our campaign promises in the area of investment. We promised that our administrations will be pro-investment and we will make Oyo State a preferred investment destination in Nigeria.

“We recognised one of the areas of comparative advantage as agriculture and I am excited to tell you today that we have already taken steps to market our potential. Our farmers will be happy to know that we are in touch with Botswana to export our maize to them. Our Africa neighbours have in recent past exported from Central America but they are ready to give us the chance and we welcome the delegation from Botswana led by Botswana President, Mr Gobusamang Keebine.

“During our campaign, as we moved from one local government to another, we listened to people discuss their concerns and I know that the people of Oyo State are not asking for too much. We spoke to the businessmen who are working multiple taxations, who are pained because the ease of doing business is so bad that Oyo State ranked 35 out of 36 states in Nigeria.

“More businesses are shutting down than being open. We spoke with farmers in settlements Ipakan, Ilora, Eruwa, Ogbomoso, Ires’adu, Ijaye, Akofo and Lalupon who complained the inability to access credit facilities, poor rural infrastructures, especially roads, difficulties in processing their harvest and lack of storage facilities. We listened to members of the Joint Farmers Association and Agro-finance, talked about the challenges in the agricultural sector and proffered solutions which we may implement. Our administration will make provision of infrastructure a priority.

“I am greatly honoured to stand before you today to assume the overwhelming mandate you have given me. This inaugural address will not dwell on the past but the future because of the urgency and the magnitude of the task ahead of us. We want all of you to be part of the implementation as we work ahead to move our state forward.

“We may make decisions that are sometimes uncomfortable but we will try our best to always be just, fair and act with the fear of God. I am here as your governor to serve you and I will work tirelessly and take responsibility for the workings of every sector, while I will delegate effectively, the bulk of the work will stop with me.

“I want you to hold me accountable and I will also hold you accountable as we work as partners to bring Oyo State to glory.”

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