“Great Farmers, Great Nation” is the chant of the farmer’s association in Nigeria, the farmers understand the impact of their work on the lives of million daily. Agriculture is essential for the economic development of Nations and serves as a solid base of economic regeneration, job creation, youth employment, poverty alleviation and zero hunger.

Africa is now more than ever focused on achieving food security and at the heart of this is investment in agricultural activities and up scaling productivity of our illustrious zero hunger heroes; the rural farmers. Although most people view agriculture as poverty trap because all they are exposed to is the low productivity and low income security in the sector. This arises as a consequence of paucity of the needed information to improve production, access financial opportunities and lack of training.

Zuma 88.5FM’s approach recognises the need and realities of farmers by reinventing agricultural communication essentially bringing agricultural extension in a new way, with the aim of poverty reduction, maximising productivity through improved practices disseminated and contribution to inclusive growth in Nigeria through our specialised programs targeted at farmers in relatable formats. It is no news that conventional extension system -the dissemination of information/innovation to farmers through extension agents- in Nigeria is moribund but Zuma 88.5FM presents a new dawn.

We play host to farmers in the community through our now annual Zuma FM Agricultural Festival a capacity building event organised for and attended by rural farmers, having expert speakers come train on agricultural business financing, use of technology for communications, primary health and safety standards for farm workers. This year the festival which is themed Creating a sustainable Agribusiness model for rural farmers will have in attendance high level stakeholders engaging in this critical conversation with our agricultural heroes; the farmers.

The Agricultural sector is projected as a sustainable means of accelerating rural economies, creating jobs while leading to the achievement of a zero hunger world, information and capacity building trainings provided by Zuma 88.5FM through our Agricultural Festival will contribute to efforts to increase agricultural production and Nigeria’s ability to contribute to feeding 250 miillion people by 2050.

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