Buhari Unity Band Unveiled, Token Symbol of Our Resolve to Live in Unity, President Says

The Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria (GOGAN) on Thursday 15 November 2018 launched the Buhari Unity Band at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja. President Muhammdu Buhari unveiled the collection of the wristbands tagged as the Buhari Unity Band initiated by GOGAN ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Below are remarks by the President at the event.:

welcome you to this occasion of the unveiling/launching of the Buhari Unity Band which in collaboration with the Presidency is an initiative of a group of patriotic and politically active Nigerians who believe in the unity of our country.

This occasion is part of our commitment to the sustenance of unity and mutual co-existence as one people united by our shared history and shared destiny. It is a demonstration of our determination to see Nigeria succeed as we come to agreement that no nation can truly make progress without unity.

Our country has passed through difficult times, on occasions threatening the foundations of our unity, but with the help of God, we have always emerged from each crisis stronger. There is no doubt that we still have pockets of issues that question our unity but we are convinced that, with the determination of all Nigerians, we shall remain strong and united.

The Buhari Unity Band is a visual and token symbol of our resolve to live in unity as one and to preach the message of unity wherever we live. Those who subscribe to the unity wristband will be known as Nigerian Unity Ambassadors. You will be building on the legacy of a number of our patriots who have, in the past, sacrificed so much, some even their lives, in defense of our nation.

I want to commend the Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria, who initiated this project, for their sense of patriotism and commitment. Let me assure you that the government remains committed to advancing the course of national unity and progress.

I urge all Nigerians of goodwill to sign up to this initiative by obtaining and wearing the unity wristband.

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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