Nigerian Universities Fail Movie, Cinematography Test


Bikiya Graham-Douglas, Chief Executive Officer of the Beeta Universal Arts Foundation

Bikiya Graham-Douglas, a thespian has said that Nigerian Universities lacked the prerequisite technology to teach and help scale up modern day movie, theatre and cinematography production education in Nigeria.

Graham-Douglas told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday that Nigerian educational institutions lacked the equipment to move the industry on quickly in technical know-how.

“If in a country, you do not keep up with technology, it will pass you by, that is one of the major issues we have here in Nigeria.

“There is a vacuum in teaching technology in the higher institutions.

“You meet a lot of people in the industry and you can tell that if they have places where they could go and gain more skills in their field, they would go,” she said.

Graham-Douglas, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beeta Universal Arts Foundation, said she was not trying to slander any university.

“I think it will be good for our institutions to think outside the box and emulate other countries that are doing well in technological development.

“Nollywood is an accidental success when it started.

“No one ever imagined that it will get to where it is today and get reckoned with internationally.

“No one will have imagined that these are the people who took a chance and it becomes a success, without being trained,” she said.

The thespian said that it would have been good if actors were professionally trained in higher institutions of higher learning, and with the latest technology.

“To take over the industry and do more than they are doing now.

She also suggested that said that more institutions should focus on training and with modern equipment.

“Things have evolved, modern information technology with the state of the art equipment are there and we must embrace it,” she said.

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