Boosting infrastructure, engaging investors will encourage innovation, says CPN

Prof. Allwell Achumba, Registrar, Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN), said boosting infrastructure and engaging investors would encourage innovation in the country.

Achumba made known this on Wednesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

According to him, Nigeria has the human capability to develop Information Communication Technology (ICT) products locally.

“In manufacturing ICT wares locally, our problem has always been infrastructure, but we have the brain.

“There are the young ones coming up with innovations. What we need is the government backing, especially in the area of infrastructure which is the most important thing.

“You may have all the ideas, but if there is no power you cannot do anything.

“We must love our country and encourage the ones with the ideas because you cannot have it all.

“You can have the ideas and don’t have the finance, which is why we need investors, virtual capitalists to help young innovators who have the idea without capital,” he said.

The registrar said that the government needed to make available ICT funds with moderate terms for young innovators to develop their ideas and as well access the funds.

Achumba added that importation of ICT products could be reduced by putting in place functional incubation centres across the country.

“We cannot stop importation entirely, but we should start somewhere. Like 20 to 40 per cent should be our own product.

“ICT products like software should no longer be imported because we have the young ones who can develop software.

“All we need is to have incubation centres where you put them, give them light continuously and they will come up with innovation.

“We shouldn’t import software because we use it here and as we encourage them, we fine tune the ones they have and from there you can get something better,” he said.

Achumba said that producing ICT products locally will boost the economy and reduce capital flight. (NAN)

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