Nigeria Foreign Affairs Ministry Reacts To Search At The United Nations Premises in Maiduguri

Jane Adams, Abuja: Federal government reiterates commitment to respect and safeguard diplomatic status of the united nations personnel and property in Nigeria, after Maiduguri incident.

The federal government of Nigeria regrets the incident that took place on Friday, August 11, at the United Nations premises in Maiduguri and recognizes its obligations under international humanitarian law and principles which protect all humanitarian organizations.

Government however, notes with satisfaction the success of the collaborative efforts by the Nigerian army, the governor of Borno state and the united nations team in Nigeria to re-establish trust, confidence and cooperation, between the Nigerian army and the united nations in Maiduguri.

The federal government appreciates the vital support being provided by the united nations and other humanitarian organizations in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the northeast of the country and will continue to take all necessary measures to respect and safeguard the neutrality of these institutions as well as the diplomatic status of the united nations personnel and property in Nigeria.

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