Nigeria Union Of Journalists Cautions Coup Mongers

NUJ Cautions Coup Plotters

The Nigeria Union of Journalists is alarmed by rumors making the rounds about a planned coup d’état in the Country and warns that Nigerians will resist any attempt to change this Government through any other means that is not democratic. Accordingly we appeal for concerted efforts by all Nigerians to defeat the current security challenges in the country and to thwart any attempt at instigating any insurrection. Read Also; NUJ Halts Plans To Ground AIT/Raypower

Despite the difficulties being faced by the nation, there have been some significant improvements in certain aspects of our endeavors, however we wish to note that such security threats in the North East and other parts of the country, must be tackled decisively if at all Nigerians will enjoy the benefits of democratic governance. Daily, the nation is being confronted by the socio political and economic implications of an unstable CountryWe therefore call on the aggrieved members of the political class whose stock in trade is mischief not to rock the boat by attempting to derail this democratic dispensation.

The NUJ cautions that it will be counterproductive for some political interest groups to capitalize on the current situation in the country as caused by recession to push for a personal agenda. We call on all and sundry to support Government, to focus on the economic reintegration of the country rather than the uncalled for quest for a change of government through violent undemocratic means. Nigerians have sacrificed enough and it is only through concerted efforts and cooperation of all can the nation achieve sustainable peace and development.

While calling on government to deal decisively with this evil plot, we warn the proponents of this machination both within the political class and the military to desist from this ruinous path forthwith as this will not suffice as the consequences will be grave for an already restive nation. 

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