#GirlsinICT: International Girls in ICT Day expands horizons for girls around the world

International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated every year with the theme “Expand Horizons, Change Attitudes,” to encourage young women and girls to discover the exciting world of opportunities in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

girlsin ict

Changing perceptions and attitudes is an important part of achieving gender equality in technology. International Girls in ICT Day aims to expand the realm of possibilities in the minds of young women, and also to engage men and boys on the topic of gender equality in the field of ICTs.

As we embark on the path to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ICTs are a key driver to empower women and girls, and ITU is committed to enhancing the use of digital technologies to promote the empowerment of women. They are an enabling technology that can speed progress by opening up opportunities for education, job training and high-paying employment, improving women and girls’ access to health care, enabling the exercise of legal rights and participation in government, among many others.

ITU stands committed to connect the world to the technologies that change lives. ITU estimates that 257 million fewer women than men access the Internet. Understanding the barriers that women and girls face is of utmost importance, both  for the women not enjoying  the benefits of the digital revolution, and for all of us who count on the innovative, creative talents of all members of society to help solve humanity’s greatest challenges. We are proud to take a leading role to advocate for women and girls to have equal opportunities to access, use and benefit from ICTs.

As of 2016, International Girls in ICT Day had been celebrated in over 160 countries with over 7,200 events in which  over 240,000 girls and young women have already taken part. We know that many more celebrations and girls have been reached in 2017.

As the world joins together for International Girls in ICT Day with events aimed at encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICTs,  exciting events are happening around the globe for 2017’s celebrations.


Source: ITU

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