Nigerian Prison Service Promotes 10,979 Officers and Men

Enobore, Abuja: The Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prison Services Board (CDFIPB) has approved the promotion of 4,075 qualified officers and men of the Nigerian Prisons Service on Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) 08 to 15. This includes officers on lateral conversion from inspectorate cadre to officers cadre due to the acquisition of additional qualifications.

Similarly, the Controller-General of Prisons, Ja’afaru Ahmed in a letter signed by the Assistant Controller-General of Prisons, Mr. O.Y. Musa, approved the promotion of 6,904 other ranks including those elevated from Prisons Assistant cadre to the inspectorate cadre.

Below is the breakdown of rank categories affected in the promotion exercise :
1. Senior officers – 609
2. Principal Inspectors of Prisons (PIP) to Chief Inspectors of Prisons (CIP) – 352
3. Inspectors of Prisons (IP) to Senior Inspectors (SIP) – 2,435
4. Lateral Conversion from inspectorate to officers ‘ cadre – 133
5. Up – grading (Inspector to Assistant Superintendent) – 546
6. Assistant Inspector of Prisons ( AIP) to Inspectors of Prisons (IP) – 1,039
7. Prisons Assistant Cadre to Inspectors Cadre (acquisition of additional qualifications) – 120
8. Senior Prisons Assistant (SPA) to Chief Prisons Assistant (CPA) – 1,812
9. Prisons Assistant 1 (PA1) to Senior Prisons Assistant (SPA) – 1,548
10. Prisons Assistant 11 (PA11) to Prison Assistant (PA1) – 2,195
Prisons Assistant 111 (PA111) to Prisons Assistant 11 (PA11) – 190

The Prisons boss while congratulating the successful officers, enjoined them to justify the confidence reposed in them as not only worthy of the promotion but capable of handling the responsibilities associated with the new ranks.

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