Donation of $500m to Hillary Clinton Deliberate Mischief, Outright Lies

The Buhari Media Support Group (BMSG), an organisation that promotes and defends the policies of the Buhari administration, advises members of the opposition to stick to facts and stop exploiting the ignorance of undiscerning and gullible Nigerians by feeding them with deliberate falsehoods with a view to promoting disaffection and ill will towards the government.

Reacting to opposition allegations that the Buhari administration purportedly donated $500 million to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the BMSG in a statement explains that such accusations “are product of deliberate mischief, downright lies and distortion of reality intended to mislead undiscerning Nigerians.”

According to the statement signed by Chairman, Muhammad Labbo and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke, the group says Buhari administration could not have made such donation to any candidate or political party in the United States because it would be illegal to do so, and that President Buhari would be the last person to approve illegal donation of any magnitude.

The BMSG says under American Campaign Finance Law, foreign nationals or organisations are prohibited from making contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the United States, or donating money to influence the election in the US.

The BMSG also reminded Nigerians that when former Chairman of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Professor Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke set up an organization to mobilise donations for President Obama election campaign in 2012, her organisation was ordered to disband because its objective of raising money for a foreign politician was illegal.

The BMSG adds that the American Campaign Finance Law also provides disclosure rules, which would have made it difficult to keep such alleged and fictional $500 million dollars donation secret.

The group says if such donation was ever made even secretly, the system of disclosure and scrutiny in the United States would have exposed it.

It notes that, if the rumour mongers were sure of their facts, they should have done a favour to Nigerians by publishing the evidence when the alleged donation was purportedly made to the Clinton Campaign.

The group wonders why the rumour peddlers didn’t make these laughable allegations public until after Hillary Clinton lost the election, adding that the Trump Campaign would have celebrated this so-called violation of American Campaign Finance Law by using it to expose Mrs Clinton.

The BMSG therefore, advises Nigerians to be wary of opposition politicians who feed them with intentional lies in order to mislead and misinform, adding that in this Internet age people can verify the provisions of American law pertaining to campaign financing.

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