“We Are Going To The World Cup” VP Osinbajo To Super Eagles

Laolu Akande, Abuja: Our very great team of history makers, I think that this is a very special team indeed because by just following what has happened so far in this World Cup qualifiers, I think you proved that you are definitely going to make history, beating the Zambians in Ndola, I think that was an incredible feat and by being able to break that old jinx, I think you have shown that we are certainly going to the World Cup. But not just get to the World Cup, we are going to come back with the kind of victory that will stun the world.

So, Algeria is just going to be a stepping stone, and I know that you guys are all set, you are all prepared to go!


Frankly speaking I think that we have all it takes to win and to win very decisively and so we have all our hopes and all our aspirations, we place them very squarely on your very able and robust shoulders and we will be looking forward to victory and we are almost certain that we will give all the support that we need to give.

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The Honourable Minister has pointed that there are always financial needs, we will definitely do our best and make sure that you are well provided for so that our country is portrayed in the very best light and our team, this great team of ours will win. So we are looking forward to an incredible victory and so many more victories.


This match is important because obviously if we win this match, we are practically there because the others in our group have already drawn, so we are set for a qualification, I think that all that we need to do now is to be very hopeful and prayerful because I strongly believe that God will help us to win and not just to qualify but to record an outstanding performance at the World Cup.

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