Complete List of 93 Ambassadors-Designate Appointed By President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday sent to the Nigerian Senate a list of 46 non-career ambassadors for approval.

The nominees bring to 93 the ambassadors-designate appointed by the president. The President had earlier approved the nomination of 47 Career Ambassadors-Designate. This second batch completes the list of the President’s nominees, reflecting national character and gender consideration.

With one out of every four black African being a Nigerian, Nigeria by virtue of its population, human capital, size and resources, has a manifest destiny to play a major role in the economic and political transformation of the continent. The vehicle for doing so is her foreign policy.

According to Said Adejumobi of Guardian, if there is any area that successive governments in Nigeria have done very well, it is in the area of foreign policy. The thrust of Nigeria foreign policy is quite clear. A concentric circle defines Nigeria’s engagement with the outside world-West Africa first, Africa second and the global arena as the third sphere of Nigeria’s foreign policy priority. Charity for Nigeria begins at home or in the neighbourhood. The Biafran experience taught the country a hard lesson that if your immediate neighbours are not happy with you, or you do not command their trust and respect, your search for regional or global power will be hollow and a wild goose chase.

President Buhari, through Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama and SSA on Foreign Affairs Abike Dabiri, hopes to consolidate on the foreign policy gains of prior administrations.

The full list of all appointees and states below:

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