Shooting Stars: Nigeria Soccer League Lost a Player

Shooting Star player shot dead in Bayelsa.
Shooting Stars player shot dead in Bayelsa.

Shooting Stars of Ibadan has announced the death of defender Izu Joseph who was apparently killed by  a stray bullet at a market in his hometown of Okaki, Bayelsa State.

His dad reported that his son was shot twice despite the fact that he presented his Identity Card showing he is a footballer of Nigerian Local league in Oyo State.

Joseph who wore jersey number ’24’ and played in the defence was reportedly killed by during a battle between gunmen and the military’s Joint Tast Force (JTF) as reported by his club.

As reported by the official twitter handle of Shooting Star Club Nigeria, Joseph Izu was aged 24 being born on the 24th February, 1992, and coincidentally wearing jersey #24 in his lifetime.



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