Evidence Against Women Accusing Trump To Come Out Soon – Trump campaign

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Canddidate for the November Presidential election.

Mike Pence , the Republican vice presidential candidate has strongly defended his running mate Donald Trump against allegations of sexual misconduct and promised that evidence casting doubt on the claims would come out on Friday.

According to Reuters reports, Trump’s White House campaign has been scrambling to recover from the release a week ago of a 2005 video in which he bragged about groping women and making unwanted sexual advances.

While Trump said the video was just talk and he had never behaved in this way, multiple women subsequently went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against the New York real estate magnate going back three decades.

Trump furiously denied the allegations on Thursday, saying that The New York Times, which published two women’s claims, and other media, along with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, were engaged in a vicious campaign to stop him from winning the Nov. 8 election.

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“Stay tuned. I know there’s more information that’s going to be coming out that will back his claim that this is all categorically false,” Pence told CBS show “This Morning.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Trump would accuse Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim – the top shareholder in the New York Times Company – of helping to generate reports of the sexual misconduct.

Trump will claim that Slim, as a donor to the Clinton Foundation charity who also holds a 17.35 percent stake in the New York Times, has an interest in helping her White House campaign, the newspaper cited the adviser as saying.

His allegations would feed into Trump’s claims of a rigged election system and “false smears” that he says are part of a conspiracy bent on defeating him.


In several morning television interviews on Friday, Pence tried in vain to change the subject from Trump’s treatment of women to Clinton, her family’s charity and information from the hacked emails of her campaign manager, John Podesta.

The Times reported on Wednesday that two women said they had endured unwanted groping or kisses from the former TV personality. Several other women made allegations of sexual aggression by Trump in various media outlets following that report.

Reuters could not independently verify the incidents.

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The Times said on Thursday it stood by its story and rejected charges the article was libelous after a lawyer for Trump threatened legal action and demanded a retraction.

The allegations of sexual misconduct have been a turning point for some in the party who were already uneasy about Trump’s unorthodox campaign, and a string of Republican officials have distanced themselves from him since the lewd video emerged.

The most senior of them, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, angered Trump when he announced this week he would no longer campaign for Trump or defend him but would focus on trying to preserve the Republican majorities in Congress in next month’s election.

Ryan was set to give a speech on Friday in Wisconsin to focus on what he called Clinton’s “liberal progressivism,” which he called “arrogant, condescending, and paternalistic.”

Trump has slipped further back from Clinton in national opinion polls in the past week. A Reuters/Ipsos survey this week showed him 8 percentage points behind Clinton among likely voters.


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