A Teacher Calls for Attention From Akwanga


Joshua Kigbu, Akwanga: As teachers all over the world celebrate their day, a school teacher and some in and around Akwanga, Nasarawa state have called on government to address the challenges facing education sector.

They made the call while speaking on this year’s world teachers’ day the united nations in 1994 proclaimed october 5th as world teachers’ day to celebrate the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels.

Speaking on tnis year’s world teachers day, monday Arima and Abdullahi Aliyu said the challenges facing the education sector include lack of basic facilities, non implementation of promotions, poor salary structures and late payments of salaries.

They said, while teachers in public secondary schools have been without salaries for the past three months, their counterparts in primary schools have been receiving salaries in percentages for the past one year.

On his part, an educationist peter yohanna urged government and educational managers to prioritize the payments of teaches salaries.


Senator Ben Murray Bruce added that Nigeria has some of the highest paid politicians and some of the lowest paid teachers. Flip this equation and Nigeria will develop. On this World Teachers Day, I thank Nigeria’s teachers and urge that salaries of politicians be reduced so that teachers salary can be increased.

President Buhari on this day believe that government at all levels must do everything to ensure that they provide their citizens with qualitative education. And this includes paying teachers promptly and creating an environment for them to thrive and excel.

We are supporting the state and local governments who employ the majority of our Primary and Secondary School Teachers, to enable them pay salaries. When I assumed office as President, I was saddened by non payment of salaries by many states to civil servants, including teachers.

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