Apply For Microsoft and CcHUB Entrepreneur WINsiders4Good Fellowship

WINsiders4Good Fellowship – Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington

A new collaboration from Microsoft with CcHUB has resulted in the creation of the WINsiders4Good Fellowship, which will help twenty Nigerian entrepreneurs with Microsoft guidance and software.

Microsoft and Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) have announced a new collaboration. The partnership will see the companies strengthen ties in Africa. Through CcHUB’s WINsiders4Good program office in Lagos, Nigeria the pair will deepen programming ties in Africa.

The companies says this is a collaboration in entrepreneurial mentorship and support through technology. This will be achieved through the launch of the Windows Insiders for Good Fellowship at the CcHUB office.

Microsoft and Co-Creation Hub will look to help give entrepreneurs in Africa more opportunities. The fellowship will draft in innovators with ideas about changing the continent and the world. Initially, the program will support twenty Nigerian entrepreneurs.

In an official announcement, CcHUB said Nigeria had already widely adopted the Windows Insider Program:

“We have thousands of Windows Insiders in Nigeria, and tens of thousands across Africa. We want to collaborate more closely with them and other Windows users to make this a truly international product. One in seven Africans is Nigerian, computer usage is soaring, and tech centers like Yaba represent a manifestation of that growth. We think it is a great time and place to learn from like-minded techies and entrepreneurs who are solving complex problems and creating opportunities in Lagos and greater Nigeria.” -Microsoft Director of Software Engineering, Bambo Sofola

Applying for the Fellowship

The application process to join the WINsiders4Good Fellowship is ongoing and will close Oct. 10. Interested parties can head to the official application page to see if they qualify for the fellowship program. Sofola says accepted entrepreneurs will get special Microsoft help to bring their ideas to fruition.

“Microsoft and CcHUB will connect entrepreneurs to a global community of people like them, prioritize and fix the technical issues that can hinder them from reaching their goal, provide mentors for technical and strategic questions for six months, and provide hardware and software to bring their ideas to life.”

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