Cyber Security Threats and Its Effects

The cyber security threat landscape has evolved rapidly and attack have increased in number affecting critical infrastructure with global political developments continue to ship the cyber threat environment.


Countries that had aspired to sophisticated cyber capabilities are now developing them using indigenous activist group.

Vast amount of information from the social media platform is increasing vulnerability today, no single organization can be said to be immune to cyber threat as personal records, financial information and intellectual property had been stolen.

Cyber security expert Mr Remi Afon say in other to sensitize people, we have to think before we connect online. Mr Afon say, once people are aware, it will be difficult for cyber criminal to implement their plans.

Just like the speed of light so is cyber crime. to checkmate these unpalatable global trend, cyber security expert are of the opinion that government and its citizen must tend to train by staying ahead and understanding strategies to track them.

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