Two Days National Economic Retreat Opens In Abuja, Aiming At Medium And Long Term Viable Policy

A two day retreat aimed at generating immediate, medium and long term viable policy solutions to national economic challenges is underway in Abuja.

nta-image-gallery-NECThe event organized by the National Economic Council, the retreat with the theme “Nigerian States Multiple Centres of Prosperity” is being attended by Governors, some members of the Federal Executive Council and other Economic Experts.

President Muhammadu Buhari while declaring the forum open charge participants to learn from the shared experiences and perspectives of other countries economic management strategies for recommendations that will chart a new course for national economic development.

Adamu Sambo
State House

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  1. THIS FOR ALL THOSE IT MAY CONCERN – THEY SHOULD STUDY THE CONTENT IN PARTICULAR THE SUGGESTIONS! For goodness sake try and study mu New political leadership solution for Nigeria also I deposited in both the SGF’s and Senate President’s Offices on 2nd Feb, 2015 – it is important if your political scientists are clever and can see the imports unabashed! What/Whoever you’re you need leadership that can comprehend policies or programmes proposed for country like Nigeria first, on their own volition before he/ she calls in advisers to muddle such proposals up! So, study my solution critically or you will continue in the struggle and attached to the apron strings like the YOYO!
    Listening to the discussions so far on the Networks from Nigeria you just aghast with what you hear are the problems Nigeria is faced with so it leads me to that observation I always cite which is: That – In
    many examples, our case in Nigeria mirrors that man who went to marry three wives (women –
    Regions) with 12 children to each of the women giving you 36 States, as it
    were, without the right deportment, it therefore calls for courage and
    fortitude above all caution for him to be able to deal with his adventure,
    which from the trappings, he has not come to terms with yet in what you’re
    doing the country! They left undone what they ought to have done earlier and went doing what they ought not to have done aggrandising themselves in the wake such that the children have all grown to maturity wanting the necessary life pleasantries and the head of the house hold cannot cope with the demands! I observed this flaw back in 1986 and I suggested that they banned the erstwhile politicians because of their failings to give time for a re-think – to reflect of the failing and by 1991 I suggested to IBB’s administration to now consider a Centre for National Orientation to be able to initiate the prospective new politicians what it means Nigeria needs for the New dispensation – they did not do this! Rather they set up Centre for Democratic studies (CDS) advised by Prof. Omo-Omorui you can agree that up to date they still have not understood the essence of DEMOCRACY – and this is my part problems with the Professors – the training they have is to enable them to use such to solve social problems and not to exacerbate it! And so here we are I listened today’s 21st March ‘Good Morning’ on the NTA and also that on the Channel TX 24 both discussions did not indicate relief on the situations in Nigeria and you wonder; How do we than go about the problems we have in the country, folks? I said to them earlier to leave the administrative doors wide open to let those with viable and or compatible solutions to visit you and not agar letting their friends in only who do not have anything tangible to offer for our problems other than the food and drinks – i. e. perquisites, you have plentiful in Nigeria’s corridors of power!
    It is not much about me now but then if I could do the much on my website: http://www.virgo-enterprised.com from my small flat imagine what those in the research entre have yet the administration fails to find ways to co-opt these Nigerians to help in the solution finding and you continue in the hopelessness exemplified in the expressions on the faces of the discussants on the Networks! The hopelessness that has made me to now arrogate the (IT) nomenclature – http://www.confused-Nigeria.com to what is happening in the country! There are obvious problems and you have those who had such problems now willing to help but the question is and it has always been: How prepared or willing are you – the leadership and those advising it, to accept and do what is required of you, which could well (easily) have come through that ‘National Orientation that early in 1990 – 92 because usually you achieve change of mind-set after every crisis or ‘revolution’ such that we had in the civil war but rather than aim at that you went ahead on a vindictive and vendetta mission and worse still, one or two of your leaders embarked on the idea of aggrandising yourselves and certainly all now culminate to the hardships across the country and their is now ‘No health’ in almost all them that had been on the seat of political Head of State for Nigeria! The hopes are not are not all lost because you still have Nigerian willing to partake in the solution finding but the fact must be stated, APC must allow the President to look for those who can solve the problems you have in Nigeria irrespective of party affiliations – look at what is happening in River State and it going to be worse when you come to Osun or Ekiti even Edo State elections if care is not taken – the President Buhari should be told that APOC do not need to be occupying all State CEO’s Office in Nigeria that you have control of 22 State already and at the Centre too that is enough for him to make the anticipated mark on Nigeria’s political history or they may push him to another Big political crisis in Nigeria! I will hurry and do something about the Confab recommendations also which with the aim to restore or guarantee you the kind of peace and harmony required for investors to come to Nigeria and as such help us to build a Nation!

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