Rotary Club Donates Antenatal Kits To Pregnant Women

Maternal and child mortality remains a global concern to the world’s population as it impacting on economies.

This is why a non-governmental organization is adding its voice to ensuring safe child delivery   through distribution of Mama kits to pregnant    women of Aleyita Community in Abuja.

World health organization statistics show that Malaria, HIV AIDS,Diarrhea, tuberculosis are major cause of ill health among pregnant women and children especially below the age of five. In sub Saharan Africa, the scourge of infectious diseases constitutes 80% of the global burden.

Mama Kit’ Being handed over to one of the Pregnant women at Aleyita Community in Abuja












To address some of these challenges on maternal and child mortality, the organization embarked on a maternal and child care programme tagged’ Mama Kit Project” where the items for prevention and treatment were distributed  to  pregnant women
Some of the women described the  gesture as securing the future of generations yet unborn, as it is complementary to what governemnt is doing at ensuring a healthy society for all. The women also had a ffeel of exercise aimed making them strong

Olayinka Ojo

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