The Esama Of Benin Chief Gabriel Igbinedion Celebrates 80th Birthday

vlcsnap-139465It was a grand occasion at the Benin city Catholic church as eminent guests were in attendance to felicitate with the family of Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin on day of his eightieth birthday. Described as an Oak, a legend and pillar of the community, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion was lauded for his significant contributions to the development of the town, including the transformation of the middle village of Ukada to the new well recognized University town of Ukada. The sermon by the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Mathew Coker focused on living a long, God fearing and fulfilled life.

A special award was also presented to the celebrant by the Archbishop Benin City, Bishop Augustine Akubeze.

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