First Lady Convenes World Cyber Security Conference

Information technology experts and other stakeholders converged in Abuja for the 2013 World Cyber Security Conference convened by Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan, the Child on-line protection champion of the Internationals Telecommunications Union, (ITU).

Participants at the 2013 World Cyber Security Conference in Abuja have highlighted the urgency with which cyber insecurity needs to be tackled by stakeholders in order to save the world from misuse of technology. Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan speaking at the event said the most vulnerable groups remain children and youth who are not only victims but also culprits who are used by selfish individuals and groups to carry out negative activities.

Former Israli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak also speaking said the threat of cyber security has cut across all regions and activities of man. He said drastic and sustained actions need to be taken to halt cyber insecurity. There were presentations from various experts from within and outside Nigeria.

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