Centre Advocates PR to Tackle Civil Unrest, Strikes

The Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development, says effective application of best practices in public relations can reduce civil unrest, industrial strikes and enhance national productivity.

Participants at the Public Relation and protocol programme by Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development, in Accra Ghana

In a statement on Friday in Abuja, Mr Chris Egbu, a faculty member of the centre, said the position was reached by participants at the end of the International Public Relations and Protocol Conference, taking place between Dec. 2 and Dec. 6, in Accra, Ghana.

Egbu said participants at the conference also emphasised the need to harmonise the international protocol code by countries.

“It was observed that recent conflicts between Presidents of foreign super powers are due to non-adherence to best practices in international public relations and protocol.

“Tensions at bilateral talks among countries can be reduced if leaders of delegation observe a protocol that states “never say no while reacting to proposals expressed by their counterparts,’’ he said.

Egbu suggested that answers such as; “we will give thought to the matter; we may get back on the matter in due course’’, would be more civil and produce better results.

He said some open confrontations caused by remarks at bilateral talks could be avoided by more diplomatic responses.

Also according to the statement, Rita Rockson, Team Lead, Le Papillion Core of Ghana, called on public relations professionals to cut through the online clutter with arguments that are persuasive, believable and actionable.

Rockson said the power, value and influence of public relations had never been in greater need than now.

According to her, current unrest and crisis in most countries leading to sustained demonstration and civil unrest underscore the need for public relations in a democratic society where people have freedom to debate and make decisions.

It said participants urged organisations to train and retrain their public relations professionals to ensure peace and harmony in the community, the marketplace, the home, the workplace and the voting booth. (NAN)

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