Trade Unions Urged to Identify Challenges Confronting the Industry

ABUJA (Min of Labour and Employment) – The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Mr. William Alo, has called on Trade Unions and their Managements to identify challenges facing the industry.

PSMLP flanked by officials from Trade Unions

He made this call during the 5th Registrar of Trade Unions Annual Workshop on Current Challenges and Prospect of Trade Unions Administration in Nigeria.

According to him, this would offer opportunities for robust discussions and result in recommendations that would lead to proffering solutions to the identified challenges and facilitate the desired growth and development.

He averred that Unions play critical roles in the socio-economic development of any nation, noting that workers who form Trade Unions are an integral part of the growth and development process of national economy.

He therefore suggested the need to accord adequate recognition and allot appreciable time to matters that affect the welfare of workers in various sectors of the economy while at the same time recognizing the right of employers to have a peaceful and effective industrial relations environment.

He said, “There is nothing wrong in having challenges because challenges in themselves are not an end, but rather social partners should identify and explore opportunity embedded in the challenges as a stepping stone for sustainable growth and development”.

He urged participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and instructive brainstorming sessions that would proffer real term solutions to the various challenges confronting Trade Union Administration in the country.

In his goodwill message, Dennis Zulu, the Country Director of the International Labour Organization asserts that while the role of the Unions in national development cannot be negotiated, he implored them to engage in social dialogue to achieve the desired growth and development.

In his speech, the Director General of The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA), Mr. Timothy Oluwole, requested Labour Unions to follow due process in handling challenges and prospect of Trade Union Administration.

The Vice President, Trade Union Congress, Comrade Oyinkan Olasoyin, said that national growth and development is key to the well-being of workers and therefore appeals to the Federal Government to conclude the unending negotiation and conflict in relation to the implementation of the national minimum wage.

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