Facebook Announced Important Things at Social Media Forum

Today at the Facebook Social Good Forum we announced a bunch of important things.

Eliminating all payment transaction fees for donations to nonprofits so now 100% of the money you donate will go directly to the cause.

Starting a $50 million annual Facebook Donation Fund to match all of your donations to nonprofits on Facebook.

Making it so anyone can link a fundraiser on any site to Facebook. Our initial test with the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure has increased their donations by 40%.

Announced that 4 million people in India have registered to become blood donors using our new tool, and now we’re expanding it to Bangladesh.

I mentioned that our suicide prevention tools have enabled first responders to reach more than 100 people who needed support quickly in the last month, and now we’re expanding these tools to most countries in the world.

I shared that Safety Check has notified people more than 3 billion times that their friends and family are safe in times of crisis.

And we launched Facebook Mentorship and Support a new program with nonprofit partners to match people with mentors to help support them and raise their sights higher.

I’m looking forward to helping you do even more good in your communities.

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