Be Wary Of Advice From Social Media,Lawyer Warns Couples

An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Mr Emmanuel Eyitayo, has warned couples to stop treating every advice on their social media as ‘gospel truth’ .

Eyitayo, who gave the warning in Ilorin on Wednesday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said social media had led to many broken marriages.

He said many Nigerian couples believed whatever information they saw on their face book page, twitter account and Instagram as ‘be all and end all.

The legal practitioner said : “Many couples are fond of seeking advice on their social pages, thinking they are in the right place to fix their marital challenges.

“Facebook advice has ruined so many marriages, as it contains people with different opinions with different cultures and backgrounds. So what you think is good in your own culture maybe perceived as bad in other people’s culture.

“You can only get more confused while trying to accept friends’ opinion on social media.

“You will encounter controversial set of people that knows nothing about the topic on ground, but they will like to post something just to keep their timeline active.”

He said social media would only mislead couples the more if they believed too much in it, adding that they must learn to resolve issues without resorting to social media for solution.

“They must learn to tolerate each other and let go of past mistakes to enjoy happy marriage.”

The legal practitioner also cautioned couples to refrain from making their marriage a subject of public discussion in order to avoid being misled. (NAN)

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