NOA Reacts To Tension and Hate Speech In Nigeria

Paul Odenyi, Abuja: Concerned by the rising tensions in the country, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has appealed for peace, love and tolerance to stem the ugly tide while also urging moral authorities in the land to rise up and caution their followers in the exercise of their sacred duty to our communities.

Director General of the Agency, Dr. Garba Abari in a message to the nation following reports of unrests in parts of the country called for calm and restraint on the part of the citizens, urging the youths especially not to allow themselves be used as canon fodders to stoke the fires of unrest. He said Nigeria was going through trying moments and the youths must not allow unscrupulous elements take advantage of their youthful energies to foment trouble.

Abari called on traditional and religious leaders to rise up to the occasion by using their positions to preach love, peace and tolerance while urging parents, especially mothers, to rein in on their children and keep them away from mischief makers.

The Agency also appealed to social media users to scrutinize all messages on the current situation in the country to ensure that hate speeches and fake news are not given credence.

In his words: “The media, both traditional and social, are hereby called upon to exercise its sacred duty of promoting only that which unites us as a country. It is in moments like this that the patriotic energy of the media is tested as one of the institutions for nation building.”

The Director General further reminded political leaders of their responsibility to ensure the security of lives and properties in their areas of authority.

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