Tomorrow (Thursday 31st day of August/9th day of Dhul-Hijja, 1438 AH is  Arafat Day

It is the day millions of muslims from all over the world currently performing holy pilgrimage in Saudi-Arabia, will position themselves in Arafat – a place located in the  outskirt of – Muna another surbub of Mecca.

To be in Mount Arafat is the most significant aspect of the holy pilgrimage (Hajj). To this end, pilgrims have been moving to Muna today for the past  few hours to position themselves in readiness for tomorrow’s Arafat.

The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria  therefore wish to remind all able-bodied muslims that tomorrow Thursday which is the Arafat Day is ‘a day of fasting’ for them and a day of special supplication to Almighty God.

This is in line with the tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who directed that true believers should to pray for members of our families, friends and relations in the holy-land who are in Arafat for Allah to make the obligatory duties of Arafat and their return to Muna easy for them, and for Allah to accept their Hajj.

He also enjoined muslims to use this day to seek for Allah’s forgiveness of their sins, and ask God to grant them prosperity here and hereafter.

Even though, fasting on this day is not compulsory, doing it is highly meritorious and rewarding. Some muslims have formed the habit of fasting from the beginning of the last month of the Islamic Calender Year – Dhul-Hijja that we are in and  usually terminate their fasts on the Day of Eid-el-Kabir. This is not also compulsory, but doing it, is rewardable. Whichever is convenient for true believers could be done but with absolute piety.

Infact, those who choose the 1st nine days of the 12th month of the Islamic Calender, do so in declaration of those days as sacred, so that they could stand-clear of sins and remain in ahsolute piety to communicate with their Lord (Allah).forgiveness of their sins and acceptance of their prayers.


On the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-Kabir therefore, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, calls on Nigerian Leaders to reflect on the origin of this festival and resolve to sacrifice their lives for the people of this Country.

The ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ we are celebrating, has alot of lessons to teach leaders and followers.. These include steadfastness, sincerity of  purpose and true service to the people.

The current political dispensation in Nigeria has turned service ‘upside down’ as those ‘who should serve the people, are now being served by the people’ inspite of their stupendous wealth.

Most of our elected and appointed Public Functionaries see public office as ‘sources of wealth’. Thus, they get to office and start accumulating wealth illegally to the detriment of the people that they out to serve without caring about the punishment and the wrath of  Allah on them……This is the basis of our corrupt tendencies…

To this end, services to the people remain undelivered or poorly delivered as the Nation has limited resources with lots of demands for socio-economic services to the people.

Thee Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria calls for total overhauling of Government machinery which will include;

(a) A new Constitution that would de-emphasise money-making in Governance by serving political office holders; and a system which would transparently reduce drastically salaries and allowances of all public offices holders including the legislators.

(b) Stiff punishment for corruption  and

(c) Drastic reduction in cost of governance which will include reduction of Legislative structure at the Federal level to only one instead of two that we have now.

Citizens of this Country have been suffering alot due to no fault of theirs but due to the bad system we are running, the materialistic tendencies of the elites and inability of  those in political power to damn the consequencies of evolving a new-order for our survival and progress of the Country.

On this auspicious occasion therefore, our leaders should stop sending messages of what they do not practice to us during our festivals, as example isvbetter than precepts.

What they need do is to give us solemn apologies on their failures so far, and renew their pledges of giving us a new social order within a short-time  that will move Nigeria from the current state total dissatisfaction to state of blessing and abundant prosperity.

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