Be innovative, don’t search for employment, CIBN president urges inductees

Prof. Segun Ajibola, the President, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), on Saturday urged the newly inducted members to be innovative, rather than searching for employment.

Ajibola spoke at the 2017 CIBN Graduates Induction and Prize Award in Lagos.

He said that entrepreneurship has been a veritable solution as the global economies continue to find viable alternatives toward addressing social and economic challenges.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that 1,034 graduates consisted of 234 newly qualified associates were inducted.

The theme is: “Entrepreneurship Mindset: A Critical Success Factor for the 21st Century Professional.’’

The CIBN president said that the emerging trend was a shift to a performance economy whereby temporary and flexible jobs were routine.

“Companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees.

“Analysts predicted that performance economic system will likely overturn the concept of full-time works that focus on lifetime careers.

“The primary factor that will facilitate this transition is digital disruption that makes workforce increasingly mobile and virtual, thereby decoupling jobs and location.’’ he said.

Ajibola implored the new inductees that were conferred with CIBN certificates to translate the knowledge they acquired into an entrepreneurial mindset.

He said: “Wherever you find yourself, whether employed in the private, public sector or self-employed, the critical success factor is to think, feel, speak and act like a business owner.

“ For those in the paid employment, there must be a paradigm shift from civil service mentality of whether the owner sells the bunch of palm leaves or not, the load carrier will collect his due.

“Also the slogan I will do it well, when I start my own business. You may not do any better, because in the words of Aristotle, `we are what we repeatedly do.’

“The place to start is on your current job, do not wait until you start your own business.’’

Also, Mr Olabode Augusto, the Founder, Augusto & Co. Ltd., said that the rate at which the economy was creating jobs was not keeping pace with the population growth.

Augusto said in spite of the large fast growing population being a problem, “it presents significant opportunities for the entrepreneur who can provide solutions to segments of the population that have the capacity and willingness to pay’’.

He advised the new CIBN graduates to target their products and services at those who have capacity and willingness to pay. (NAN)

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