Boko Haram: U.S. Announces $30M in New Humanitarian Funding For Northeast Nigeria

Great Seal of the United States

U.S announced an additional $30 million to support the people of northeast Nigeria, where years of brutality by Boko Haram and other militant groups has created a dire humanitarian crisis. This additional funding brings the total U.S. humanitarian contribution in Nigeria to more than $298 million since October 2015.

This new funding will support the UN World Food Program in Nigeria, which is providing critical food assistance, nutrition support, and vouchers that can be used to buy food where local markets are functional. This assistance is also helping communities return to their agricultural livelihoods where security allows.

Humanitarian efforts are vital in northeast Nigeria, where approximately 8.5 million people require assistance, including 5.2 million people who need emergency food assistance, and more than 1.7 million people who are displaced.

Since October 2015, the United States has been the largest donor for the humanitarian response in the Lake Chad Basin region, providing more than $452 million for people affected by the ongoing crisis. The U.S. remains committed to working with the Government of Nigeria and other donors to provide humanitarian assistance to avert famine and support vulnerable communities.


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