Young Women Leading The Fight Against Breast Cancer

In order to halt the growing cases of breast cancer in Nigeria, the involvement of youths, particularly young girls in awareness campaigns and promotion of voluntary testing has been advocated.

Towards achieving this, a group of young ladies working in collaboration with Optimal Cancer Care Foundation carried out an awareness exercise in Abuja.

About 10,000 cancer deaths are recorded annually in Nigeria while 250,000 new cases are also detected.

A chunk of this consists of breast cancer cases that continue to plague women due to late detection and response.

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Zainab Idris, a 21-year-old law graduate is leading  a group of young ladies that are concerned about the lack of cancer awareness and slow response to voluntary testing that leads to late detection.

At this event, they want to not only talk to young persons to join the fight against cancer, but also raise support for indigent women suffering from the disease.

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Some of the guests at describe the initiative as significant as it will help in making sure that cancer is mitigated.

The campaign is expected to continue to the rural areas.

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