Human Rights Groups Take Anti-Corruption Protest to EFCC

Group Takes Protests To EFCC

Human Rights Defenders and Advocacy Centre, a civil society group, today October 12, 2016 held a protest at the Lagos Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The group armed with placards, also brought a letter demanding the arrest and prosecution of Patience Jonathan and all political parties campaign funds.

They were received by the Deputy Director of Operations, EFCC, Iliyasu Kwarabai who expressed gratitude on their drive against corruption. He assured them that anyone found wanting will be diligently prosecuted and the EFCC will do all within its powers to ensure that justice is served. He assured the protesters that thorough investigations are usually carried when a petition is received by the Commission in to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt before the law court.
While responding to a question raised by the leader of the group, Queen Rose Ameh, on why some past leaders have not been prosecuted. Iliyasu enthused that “the EFCC cannot do it alone, we need Nigerians to join us. So when you see something, in form of corruption, economic and financial crimes around you, do not hesitate to make reports”. He assured them of the commission’s protection and safety whenever they volunteer information on any of the related crimes.
Some of their placards read: “arrest all house of reps for padding”, “we want all looters in prison”, “stop arresting poor people, and “no more sacred cows in the anti-corruption crusade”.

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