House Decries Importation Of Military And Paramilitary Wares

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NASS: Plenary session resumed at the Green Chambers with a motion on a matter of urgent public importance moved by Hon. Ossy Prestige.
He called the House to unanimously caution against importation of military wares and kits into the country. He decried the practice alleging that it amounts to waste of funds and reduces patronage of locally made products. The lawmaker complained that no nation in the world relies on foreign markets for its military and paramilitary wares and kits. He called on the government to create the enabling environment and provide necessary infrastructure for small and medium manufacturing industries to thrive.
He added that there are enormous factories that have the capacity to produce these wares thereby creating employment opportunities for teeming Nigerians, but do not have friendly environment and basic infrastructure such as power, good roads and other critical materials. Hon. Darlington Nwokeocha made amendment to the prayers of the motion to include the Health sector.
In a similar development, the House has mandated its Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry to liaise with the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Trade and Investments to formulate a blueprint that would encourage manufacturers of cell phones, electronics and electrical appliances to site factories in Nigeria.
The mandate stemmed from a motion moved by Hon. Henery Archibong during Tuesday’s plenary where he lamented that Nigeria has become a large market for the importation, distribution and sales of finished cell phones and other electronic items. He decried the huge negative pressure the practice of wholesale importation is putting on the economy particularly in this period of economic recession.
The Federal lawmaker informed that many citizens of the nation have acquired appreciable technical know-how by undertaking major maintenance and repairs of these electronic items whenever a breakdown occurs.
He hinted on the economic advantage to Nigeria, if the plants and factories of these manufacturers were localized and supported by government. He cited job creation and reduction of capital flight as few among other benefits.
Meanwhile, the House also passed some Bills for either second or third reading at the plenary session. Notable among the Bills passed for second reading was a Bill which seeks to alter the 1999 Constitution of the Federation, to provide for the establishment of State Police and to ensure effective community policing in Nigeria, standing in the name of Hon. Awoleye Abiodun Dada. The Bill was accordingly referred to the Ad hoc Committee on Constitutional review for further legislative action.

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