Goalkeeper Arrested For Conceding 43 Goals In A Match

It was obviously a day to forget for SV Vonderort goalkeeper Kwiotek when he conceded 35 first half goals and 43 after full time.

His week did not improve when five days later, at a training session, the 25-year-old keeper was led away by armed police officers and taken to the local station for questioning.

German goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek was arrested by police at training days after his side suffered a record-breaking 43-0 defeat.


World Soccer reports, PSV Oberhausen took a 35-0 lead at half time against SV Vonderort which must have sparked a mini-war in the dressing room as only eight players from the losing side returned to the pitch for the second half.

The conceding side coach Yvonne Liesenfeld said: “I don’t know what is going on with the police.”

“First he lets in 43 goals and then he gets taken away by the law.”

Christian Schröer, managing director of the Club said “I hope the goalkeeper will be available for selection in Vonderort’s next game.”

“We are in the dark,” he add. “The police won’t tell us what happened and we cannot reach Marco on his mobile.

“Hopefully he will be back for the next game.”


Kiwotech since his arrest has not been picking up his calls according to the team coach and he has not been seen in training.

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  1. This is so ridiculous – I believe he must have been confused as to his objectives on that pitch( catch the players not the ball) or maybe a little absent minded. The players walking away is call for discipline too. Maybe they should be arrested too!

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