5th Nupe Day Horse Race

By Ndamadu Sule

The 5th Nupe Day celebration has come and gone, but its memory will continue
to linger for a long time to come. In this Special package, Ndamau Sule reports that nupe Classic horse racing tournament which added glamour to the
festival, attracted participants from some of the Horse racing states in Nigeria.

Just like other sporting events, Horse racing tournament has been regarded as a traditional and Royalty sport all over the world. It was being competed for by the young and the older persons as recreational activity.

Today, the tournament has grown from the traditional base to competitive sport for the economic benefit of the sportsmen. In Nigeria, horse racing tournament had over the years, attracted economic benefit as competitors often smile home with cash and prizes relevant to domestic use The 3rd edition of Nupe classic horse racing tournament turned out to be rewarding, courtesy of Senator Bukola Saraki, former Governor of Kwara state.

The country’s Royal Fathers and other dignitaries are of the view that the tournament should attract international standard in the near future. The need for the improvement of the infrastructures is their watch-words.

The highlight of the tournament is the mamouth crowd from the Nupe speaking land in Kogi, Kwara and the host state, Niger.

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